Well, it’s over.

So, SROP is over. It feels weird saying that. It was my summer and now I have nothing (well, aside from Community Advisor training) to do. I met so many awesome people in SROP, from the other research programs, and from other parts of the program that I am going to dearly miss. SROP was an awesome experience for me and I hope I can do something similar next summer. SROP didn’t turn out the way I had initially thought it would be; it turned out to be so much better.

That being said, I did present my research at the Research Symposium on August 8th. I did a poster presentation of my research. I chose to do a poster presentation for a few reasons: 1) I presented with posters before, 2) I like having a visual aid  (without having to switch between slides), 3) there was no restrictive time limit, and 4) I had no idea what to expect with my CA training. Overall, I feel my presentation went well. I had some trouble trying to be concise with the information on my poster, so that will be something to work towards for future presentations. I was actually able to answer some questions from a Biology faculty member, which I consider as a good milestone for myself. Presenting my research made me realize that I would like to continue working on the same topic in the future. I have some ideas for possible extensions that I would like to pursue (such as applied graph theory). I’ll be talking to my mentor sometime this week, hopefully, to discuss continuing my research.